All of our personalized designs include a free professional design review before the final printing.
We will look over your design making sure everything looks perfect.

We will check:

LAYOUT - Check alignment of the text and graphics on the wrapper.
TEXT - Check spelling and grammar or email you if we have a question about it.
COLORS - Check colors and contrast and make sure they print well together.
PHOTOS - Check photo or logo print quality. If we have concerns about your order, we'll contact you asap by email.

If a digital preview is requested, we will e-mail you a jpg preview within 2 working business days (Monday-Friday).

You will simply reply to the email with your approval and your order will be shipped.
If you request a preview of your order, we MUST receive your approval by email before printing your order.

If no digital preview is requested and your order looks great on the screen, a designer will review your order and it will be printed and shipped within 2 working business days (Monday-Friday).

We pride ourselves in having a fastest preview, approval, printing and shipping times in the custom wrapper world!

Please note very large orders will add a few extra days but you'll still get your order FAST!